Welcome Seminarians of Color!

If you are a person of color currently attending seminary, are about to enter, or are discerning a call to serve the Church, this site was built for you. For people of color, attending a Christian seminary in the United States can be challenging. In many settings, we are few and the experience can be both lonely and discouraging. However, if you are reading this, it is because you have been called by God to serve the global Church.

On this site, you will find letters written by pastors of color who have gone before you on this seminary journey. In these letters, they share their wisdom reflecting on their own experiences, and offer you encouragement and tools for a prolonged and vibrant ministry. Regardless of your racial/ethnic identity and denominational affiliation, there are resources on this site that will hopefully help you maintain your cultural identity while thriving in a predominantly Euro-American seminary context. Explore the letters and the resource hub to make the most of what this site has to offer.

If you are a pastor of color, I encourage you to add to the list of resources, including your own voice. Please consider writing a letter to our newer and future church leaders. Your ministry is important to our collective future. If you are a professor or administrator in a seminary context, please share this site with your students. Equip them so that their experiences in your classroom are supplemented with the wisdom and care of our communities at large.

I started this site as a project during my own seminary journey. My experience has been harrowing and what I've learned is that I needed to expand my list of tools outside of what my particular seminary is able to offer. I traveled the country for internships and conferences, connecting with pastors of color and learning from their wisdom and support. I share these resources with you now, fully aware that no one collection will ever suffice for every individual.

In my first semester of seminary, a Ghanian professor shared with me that I needed to have my own reading list in addition to what was assigned in each of my classes. A Puerto-Rican supervisor during one of my internships encouraged me not to limit my extracurricular studies to Latinx resources but to understand and speak to the realities of all my siblings in Christ. I encourage you to make use of the resources on this site that pertain to your racial/ethnic identity and also the ones that reflect our neighbors. Learning from one another will only make us stronger and united in our mission to serve the Church universal.

May God almighty sustain you,
May the Holy Spirit empower you,
May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ lead you.

Your sibling,

Christópher Abreu Rosario
Dominican New Yorker
Presbyterian Church (USA)
MDiv and MA Practical Theology, Columbia Theological Seminary, 2021